Our Vision

Bringing Interoperability to the DeFi Ecosystem


Our unique technology Vision Bridge to connect and let each platform communicate
the easiest way


Secure each transaction through a decentralized node network lead by our new consensus
Proof Of Vision


Involve every stakeholder, ensuring trust and true governance to build a powerful network

– Vision Bridge –

The Vision Network Bridge objective is to provide a tool that connects every single DeFi platform. Thanks to Vision Bridge, you’ll be able to manage and trade with ease, no matter which protocol your favorite asset is using.

Along with the Vision Bridge, we’re excited to introduce a new consensus, the Proof of Vision (“PoV”), which will allow a high security transaction level at the highest speed through the Vision Network.

– Vision Network Ecosystem –

Across the Vision Bridge, consolidated by up to 1000 node operators, we’ll be able to provide the Network that will allow each investors to benefits from the DeFi’s functions in a single App.

Having a clear vision of your portfolio, managing your lending, trading your assets on popular DEx, participating in the governance of Vision Network with your holdings, all this will be just a click away.

– Vision Network Governance –

One of the core beliefs of the Vision Network is every stakeholder in the ecosystem should participate in the decision-making.

This is our Vision to bring trust and true governance as anyone is involved in the same manner ; Not only to help building a better and stronger network, but to benefit from the Vision Network revenue pool that’ll be shared with all stake holders.

– Roadmap –

2020 Q3
  • Distribution of ERC VSN Token via private and public sale

2020 Q4
  • First exchange listing

  • Heavy marketing campaign and exchange listing negotiations

2021 Q2
  • Vision Network Bridge Release

  • Transition from ERC to MainNet VSN Tokens

  • Release of Vision App V1.0 that allows basic internal DeFi applications

2021 Q3
  • Node elections V1.0

  • Establishing first bridges to other popular DeFi protocols using the Vision Bridge

2021 Q4
  • Release of the Vision App 2.0 with fully integrated interoperability

  • Establishing partnerships with the financial institutions to accelerate growth

  • Growth of node operators

– Litepaper –

Learn how Vision Network will bring interoperability to all DeFi Ecosystems. This is wealth management : simplified, decentralized, and revolutionized.

Discover how you can join us as an investor and receive a share of the revenue generated by the Vision Network.


– Vision Network Ecosystem –